We provide a wide range of professional services such as: web design and development, video editing, logo and business cards design, website optimization, technical support, website recovery services, website performance and security audit.



The process is easy as 1-2-3:

Step #1 – DESIGN

  • First what we do is listen to our client.
  • Then we find a design concept for new website, according to the client’s requirements and preferences.
  • We select a color scheme and style for your website.
  • We define the structure and navigation menu.
  • We help to find the best hosting and suggest and advise on appealing domain names.


Once our client approves a design and structure, we build a website.

  • We make responsive websites, which are visually appealing and fully functional on small screens of smartphones same as on big screens of desktops.
  • We use modern frameworks and technologies: WordPress, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.
  • We use great design and coding tools, we add our creativity and expertise.
  • We test the website in all major web browsers.
  • We protect the website from hackers and spammers.
  • We add visitor analytics and integrate with social networks.
  • We configure your website for search engine optimization (SEO).

Step #3 – LAUNCH

When it’s ready to be seen by the World, we launch new website.

  • The finished product opens to all visitors.
  • We register new website at search engines – Google, Bing, Yandex.
  • Finally, we offer free technical support for 2 months and help our clients with managing website’s content.

* Prices for landing pages starts from $600, for websites – from $850, and depend on difficulty and features of the project.



Focus on your business, rather than stress about your website maintenance.

What we do:

  • general WordPress website maintenance.
  • training via Skype to help you with your website content editing.
  • support your website by ensuring it’s fully updated and secured against spam and viruses.
  • review and fine-tune your WordPress server, plugins and theme.
  • recover your WordPress website after server crash, hacker or virus attacks.
  • consulting services on a wide range of IT-oriented topics.

We keep your website monitored for a flat-rate monthly fee. There are two technical support subscriptions: “Basic Plan” and “Business Plan”.


“Basic” Technical Support Plan

Price – from $30 per month

You get:

  1. Up to 2 hours each month of training via Skype to help you with your website content editing.
  2. Minor changes of website’s design, e.g. an icon’s color or font’s size. Or changes of website’s structure, e.g. create or add a new page using the existing template. Or change configuration of existing plugins (e.g. add new field into a contact form).
  3. Set up and monitor website’s backup, to allow a recovery in case of server crash.
  4. Keep server software fine-tuned and updated with new versions of software and plugins. We test new versions in the lab prior to installing them on your server.
  5. Monitor website’s performance and availability.
  6. Fix server’s software in case of a failure at hosting. Help with hosting’s support and server software vendor’s support.
  7. Secure your website against hackers and spammers. Monitor and block suspicious visitor activity.
  8. Recover your website after a hacker attack or hosting problem (the backup should already be setup).
  9. Configure SEO settings for the whole website. Also register your website in Google, Bing, Yandex directories and statistics.
    Note: This does not include configuring SEO for individual pages, nor SEO optimization or promotion.
  10. Offer 10% discount on additional hourly services, for example: retouch photos – $30/h; compose video – $40/h; move to another hosting – $70/h.


“BUSINESS” Technical Support Plan

Price – from $45 per month

This plan includes all items of “Basic” plan plus the following:

  1. Support hosted corporate email, e.g. setting up email boxes, mail-lists, forwarding, anti-spam and anti-virus – using the server software at the hosting.
  2. Configure SEO settings for the individual pages, monitor and adapt to the visitors’ statistic.
    Note: this does not include SEO promotion.
  3. Update the website content on demand, e.g. change text or tables on pages, add new photos or videos (using website’s own disk space, or photo/video hosting, like Flickr, Vimeo or YouTube).



When you own a website for any length of time, it’s outages is unavoidable: it will happen sooner or later due to hardware issues or other things.

The most widespread causes of website crashes:

  • Hacker attacks
  • Server overload
  • Data center problems
  • Errors in your website’s code
  • Web hosting server maintenance

What to do in case your website outage:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Make sure your website is really down. Try to be sure.
  • Visit your hosting’s website or social page and check if the problem is a known issue.
  • Send a short message to Kooka, and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • While Kooka is working on your website’s problem, notify your customers about outage on social pages and apologize for inconvenience.



Website performance audit is needed for a number of reasons especially for businesses. It is well known fact that faster websites get higher ranking at search engines.

If you have concerns about your website’s performance or you think it is having some security issues, just contact Kooka. We will provide performance and security audit for your website.We will evaluate it with multiple performance and security metrics, check for outdated software, and insecure configuration.



We use analytics, metrics and insights to improve and optimize website for SEO and performance.

The improvement of the site’s speed comes from unique code acceleration methods, enabling compression of pages and offloading media to CDN.

We can also help to move the website to another hosting, one which is more suited or even specifically optimized for best performance of WordPress engine.



Do you need a new logo or advertisement banner? Or it is a time to update your business cards? We have some ideas for you.

Web graphic design, whether a business card, logo or social page banner, offers powerful way for your business to impress potential customers.

Contact us and we will help you with your company’s unique identity and boost it’s visual appeal.



Do you need video for your website? Just send us raw footage and we will edit and compose it, creating a perfect masterpiece for you. We will upload the final video to YouTube or Vimeo channel, and will publish the it nicely on your website.